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Act on inspiration.

Dawn offers the gift of spontaneity. It gives you the chance to take off whenever you want, to get the roof down in less than 22 seconds and hit the road before anyone tells you not to.

Seize the moment in a single touch and let go of who you were 22 seconds ago. You’re the master of your own destiny. Savour the exhilaration.

Is it driving through the bustling city centre at dusk with the amazing scent of street food or driving through a silent pine forest first thing in the morning?

Wherever you choose, life is for sharing. In a true four-seater, choose the destination together. Let inspiration guide you, regardless of where the road leads.

In 22 seconds, everything changes with one sweep of Dawn’s roof. The magic of Dawn is being able to experience the serenity inside a Rolls-Royce with the roof up and being able to take the roof down to immerse oneself in one’s surroundings.

Roof down, Dawn offers an incredible treat for the senses unlike any other. Roof up, it is no less enjoyable with the same sense of luxurious sanctuary that all our motor cars are known for.

Dawn offers an unparalleled sensory experiences. The scent of salt, grass, soil, fresh air. The glow of the uninterrupted sunset on your skin. It’s all yours to take in. At the press of a button, inspiration becomes action.

Where will you be 22 seconds from now?